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Velvet Assassin 1.5

Velvet Assassin is a third-person stealth shooter for Windows
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Velvet Assassin is a third-person stealth shooter for Windows. The main character is sent to Europe during the World War II to slow down the efforts of the Nazi regime. Sabotage and killing are Violette Summer's main two weapons. Since you are on your own for most of the game, the only way you can accomplish your tasks is go undetected at all times. Stealthiness is your one and only advantage over the numbers of the enemy. Thus, you have to be silent and take advantage of shadows and background noises to approach your target.

The game has a gloomy feel to it. The music is also moody, and both elements help to portray the mood of the WWII. Most games these days allow you to tackle a mission or objective in many ways. However, Velvet Assassin is rather linear in that aspect. You will not be able to do anything that wasn't scripted by the developers before, so you have pretty much no freedom at all when playing the game. You follow the objectives and kill people just like everyone else playing this game will. Also, the enemy's AI is so poor that it almost feels like you don't need any effort to complete levels. But the great graphics and the detail that has been given to character models and the levels more than makes up for that, and Velvet Assassin is really a game you should try if you liked games like Hitman and Splinter Cell.

José Fernández
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  • Great graphics
  • One of the best instances of stealth use I've ever seen


  • AI is weak
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